Tycoon City New-York

Tycoon City New-York

Platform: PCGenre: Economic Simulation. Publisher: Atari. Rating:...

Platform: PCGenre: Economic Simulation. Publisher: Atari. Rating: PEGI 3+. If you were 20 years old, had $100,000,000 and lived in Manhattan what would you do?

. Starting from humble beginnings, you must build, upgrade and customize your way to the top. Watch thousands of people live out their lives, then assess their needs and make them happy.

Develop twelve of the distinct districts of Manhattan Island with authentic building styles, landmarks and world famous tourist attractions, including the small scale charm of Greenwich Village, the intense bustle and bright lights of Times Square, and the serene calm of Central Park.

Put on shows and watch the parades while a living, breathing Manhattan unfolds before your very eyes. Customize your businesses, add glitz and glamour, make more money, outclass the competition and become number one in New York!

. Build and customize twelve authentic New York neighborhoods and create your own version of NYC. Meet a diverse range of New Yorkers and fulfill opportunities and objectives set by them.

Highly detailed representation of NYC and its citizens, with many different tastes and desires, each of whom react to your businesses in a unique way.

Choose to run real life enterprises, or create your own companies. Create hundreds of different building types and thousands of upgrades. Play in sandbox mode or fulfill the objectives set by the inhabitants of NYC.

Requirements: OS: Windows‚ 2000/XP - Processor: Pentium‚ 4 1,8 GHz or AMD Athlon 1,8 GHz or more -. RAM: 512 Mb - Free hard disc space: 1,5 Gb -.

graphik card 64 Mb compatible Hardware T&L - Sound: sound card compatible DirectX‚ version 9. 0c - DirectX‚: DirectX‚ version. 9. 0c (included) or more.

0c (included) or more.

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Tycoon City New-York


Tycoon City New-York

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